Sun Rui, a poet of the Song Dynasty, had described the life of residents along the banks of Taihu Lake in his Poem of Old Fisherman and XuanZhenzi, who had no need to worry about the living since there were no natural calamities and man-made misfortunes. They enjoyed a stable life that everybody was admiring. The scene described by Sun Rui is so true to life that we read the poem and we see the picture in our mind. Back in the Song Dynasty, it was a central place for agriculture, fishery and sericulture. In addition to rice, wheat, rapes and other major crops, people also developed sericulture, embroidery and fishery. It was true that “every household bred silkworms and every girl embroidered”. This way of living has continued so far.
History 镇湖的历史
The Poetic Taihu Lake
Culture 西京湾的文化
Culture of Xijing Bay

The peninsula where Xijing Bay locates has long developed rice, wheat, rapes and other traditional crops, as well as planting of Chinese scholar tree, camellia, and Japanese maple. Dalian Village is reputed as “Village of Scholar Tree”. Overlooking the west of Zhenhu, we see gurgling water and residents with peaceful faces. Lakeview Park Resort, Shanghai Traffic Police Training base, Shanghai Threegun Sanatorium, the old anecdotes or stories make people pursue reverie. Yet, the Suzhou lifestyle is lingering in our mind. 
Map of TaihuWuxian
Map of Xihua (Zhenhu)
Silkworm Museum
History 镇湖的历史
Regional History
The location of Xijing Bay has 2,000-year of folklore, precipitating agriculture and fishery civilization since ancient times. In Zhenhu, we could not only see historical exhibits on the showcase in the future, but also experience in person with different activities. You can experience the history of Xijing Bay by seeing, touching and tasting!
History 镇湖的历史
History of Zhenhu
Zhenhu, carrying on past traditions and forging ahead into the future, has embarked on a new journey from a new historical starting point, which is striving to contribute new energy to create countryside life for modern metropolis. In order to inherit the outstanding cultural heritage of Xijing Bay, an art center, tea garden and other cultural facilities have been built in the first stage. The second stage took place since 2016. At present, theme hotels, jockey club, silkworm building are under construction, which will greatly enrich the weekend activities for urban residents.

Xijing Bay Map / 西京湾休闲度假地图